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the third contract

THE THIRD CONTRACT: Theory and Practice in Trade Union Training

First published in 1993 by Stewart Victor Publishing, Sydney; now republished as a pdf file which can be accessed on this site and downloaded for free.

This book won the 1993 Cyril Houle Award for Outstanding Literature in Adult Education from the American Association of Adult and Continuing Education.

Description from the back cover of the original edition:
“Through their trade unions, people in the workplace can protect themselves and others from exploitation, improve their working conditions, make workplaces safer, contribute to the development of the enterprise they work for, and make their voices heard on industrial and economic matters at a state and national level.

Unions, however, have their own characteristics and cultures, and union training will have to take these into account. Union training may have affinities with other forms of adult education and training, but how should it differ, and what kinds of educational theory should inform it?

Through the use of anecdote, case study and analysis, this book sets out to celebrate a rich and colourful field of training, and to establish a theoretical framework for union trainers to use. It looks at traditions upon which trade union training can draw; suggests a history for union training in Australia; examines various curriculum planning models; examines learning theories; and looks for ideas and modes of operation from a number of radical adult educators who have operated ‘at the cutting edge of social change’. In this way the book provides an original and wide-ranging survey of adult education literature in which theorists and practitioners are judged according to their value to unions and to the working people who make up those unions.”

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